Thursday, February 3, 2011

how my ass got stolen on the internet

So today, I was corresponding with a certain gentleman, he'd emailed me quite an amusing story and naturally this triggered in me, the need to respond with (what I thought was) an equally amusing story, about... my inability to get properly dressed...

So without further delay, the story:  (and my dear, if you are reading this blog, let me say, this story get's better after the part I emailed you earlier)

Just under two years ago when I started at my current job, I was a little "curvier" shall we say, I was doing some modeling on the side, mostly art-school ish stuff because I was attempting to bring in money in whatever way I could. Well I get this offer from a dear friend of mine, he has a product he'd like me to model some anime thing (this can't possibly end well). See there was a novelty given away with a certain DVD collection, the novelty item in question was a pair of teeeeeny tiiiiiiiiny panties that had "GOD" written on them. Fair enough, this isn't going to require any real skill on my part and it's just, no big deal right? So he brings me this garment and a t-shirt advertising his company and we make jokes about whether the panties in question were designed for emaciated 10 year olds or if they were intended to be put on the other way  thong-style. We mused and decided clearly the lettering should go in the back, this looked right, it made sense as a thong,  and after all the point was to make the product look good on me...

Well two weeks go by and my buddy calls me up and tells me we need to chat about this whole fiasco, what was supposed to have been a small project just for kicks kind of thing had made it's way to the parent company (via the internet of course) and they were complaining that the panties were on backwards and could they please re-take the photo just from the waist down with them on properly...


Thus ended my career as an impromptu underwear model.

So telling this story brought it all fresh in my mind, so I decided to google "God Panties" and lo and behold, the very first image that google displays is of my ass, with the God Panties, ON BACKWARDS. Awesome, evidently two years later I'm STILL a spaz  on the internet.

Now I was expecting that the image (which was not even the intended image for distribution, that one seems to have disappeared from the underbelly's of the internet, no the one I found was a test shot taken in my living room) would link back to the anime related thread on a message board that had originally gotten me the "uh they're on backwards" response.

Nope, where does it link to, you ask?

A Deviant Art page (this link is potentially not safe for the work place depending on how strict your boss is, it links to my ass in god panties...), where someone other than me, is claiming that is THEIR rear end in those backwards panties.

I suppose I could write to Deviant Art to complain and make them take it down, but really, someone else is willing to take credit for my stupidity, I'm almost tempted to let them. After all, it's not my face or anything.

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