Thursday, November 3, 2011

So life got away on me again

But because I've locked down my LiveJournal for the last 6 months or so and I'm busier than ever I've decided now is a great time to dust off the good old Blogger. So my plan is to copy/import some of my more user friendly and on topic posts over the last 8 months from good old LiveJournal and post them here and continue to update this thing liek I had originally planned on doing seeing as my writing skills aren't being put to terribly good use right now as I'm in between other gigs and desperately seeking some sort of brain stimulation less my feeble little mind atrophy further.

So without any further delay a summary update of what's been up with me lately:

  • I've been working. More than ever before! And they've given me more work, I'm now behind the bar serving drinks as opposed to on the floor, I've got to say internets, not being in ass grabbing range is rather a nice perk of this new gig, but as good old uncle Ben always said with great power comes great... tips? Oh no wait, it was that pesky responsibility thing wasn't it?
  • Both my darling daughters are back in the institution (and no I don't mean the nervous hospital) and bringing home all kinds of fun plagues just like the littler germ factories they are.
  • I've taken up a striking and wonderful romance with a man twice my age, how risque of me no?
  • And I am forever dishing out the sarcasm and brainspew over at LiveJournal where all of my deep dark throught get spewed violently at the internet in the pseudo-privacy provided by a filter called "friends only" if you're not a LiveJournal user (come on man I was blogging there before blogging was cool!) then you're more than welcome to sick around here and see what kind of mental vomit gets slopped along to this lovely little site.
And that's about it for me right now folks. Like I said, I'm headed for a major dump of cross posting glory and I'm promising to be better at my house keeping around here as I really do like the idea of blogging more publicly and Blogger is definitely the right medium for that. After all, my dear friends over at LJ once told me Blogging is the death of journalism.

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  1. Hey Ani, nice place you have here I may have to nick some of the finer things you have scattered about but I doubt you'll miss them.

    Please enjoy the welcome embrace of my readers, they like stuff like you write. I'll be sure to pass the good word of Ani the Wise onto the my multitudes.