Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day one, day one, start over again

So I've started yet another new blog, I am somewhat hesitant to even pretend like this one is really going to out last the previous however-many attempts I've made at social commentary on the world at large, I mean really 10 years of blogs, online journals, opendiary's and home-made plug and play websites (Tripod and AOL Hometown, you haven't been forgotten!!) ought to have shown me that my ability to commit my often useless commentary to one solid medium or even one steady topic is at best wishful thinking.

But here I am, opening another page of the proverbial internet book, typing away on a Saturday night thinking maybe this time I have something to say. I do in fact have something to say. Many things to say.

First off I suppose an intro might be a good idea, though I am hesitant with that as well, I haven't published anything in a public setting since my marriage in 2004, having now officially earned the title (and piece of paper) stating that I am (fianlly) someone's ex-wife in mid 2010, I suppose I can breathe a little easier on the subject of public appearance, but even so you never really know who could stumble across your blog and make your life, shall we say, a little more interesting.

I am Andy, I'm a mother, though I don't intend this to be a mommy-blog, I'll leave that to the other awesome ladies on the web, they seems to have a handle on it, I'm a stripper, though that's not so much a defining characteristic of who I am, so much as it is a gold mine for social-political commentary and of course when you combine "Stripper" and "Mother" you're bound to get a whole lot of opinions. I fully admit I may seriously regret this blog idea once the first wave of "zzomg won't someone PLEASE think of the children!" starts pouring in.

I suppose I should start the disclaimers now: I do not advocate working in the sex industry. In fact, I would strongly discourage anyone ever from getting into it, in any way shape or form. Having children or not. Being pretty or not. Hooking vs. stripping, the merits of cam-girls, online pornography, vs. massage parlors, this is all sex work. And while I am definitely hypocritical for saying so, I would NOT recomend sex work, to anyone.

That said, it is the OLDEST profession in the book, ya know, that dusty old repeatedly translated book, that people like you think people like me have never heard of, or thought of or read, yeah I've read it, cover to cover, twice. I like to read. I love my kids. I'm not on drugs. I don't need or particularly want saving from anyone or anything, though sometimes I could see the appeal to being saved from myself.

What I'm going to try to do with this blog is blow the lid off of the stereotype of sex worker, I'm going to attempt to introduce you, the reader, to me, the writer, as a human, as a mother, as a student and as a woman, and ask that you take all of those ideas you have about sex work and just shelve them for a minute, read this for a bit, and let me know, if I'm what you think of when you hear the word "stripper".

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  1. Don't worry even though I am reading backwards.

    If you didn't trust me as a customer you would have never given me this look.

    I am truly honored, and I offer you the same.
    Good Bad and Nasty.